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Break away from the competition with scenario transformation

Break away from the competition with scenario transformation

These uncertain times and changing market dynamics require balanced and wise business development. Organizations need to be building a portfolio of projects that combines both product development (incremental change) and innovation projects (leap change) in a vibrant ecosystem of reinforcing growth. That covers both the big and small-but-promising opportunities, and exploits both the strengths and the weaknesses of an organisation!

How does one build such a healthy portfolio?

First by acknowledging that the future is fundamentally uncertain. No matter how much experience and research is applied to the decision making process, uncertainty can not be avoided! And therefore this uncertainty should be embraced. The fundamental uncertainties should be dealt with in scenarios where each relevant and inspiring scenario should be dealt with in equal care and passion. Asking the golden question: ‘what if?’ – what would we do if this scenario would play out? How could we benefit? What role can we play? What innovations would we need? How can we anticipate it?

Scenario transformation is a powerful combination of traditional scenario thinking and lean innovation management. This powerful tool and process for management teams can force a breakthrough within a limited timeframe. It combines learning, decision making and doing. An integral and holistic approach where deep insights, team learning, and inspiration are all equally important. Scenario transformation includes a process for change; the change in culture and processes that are needed to make the innovations sustainable.

The end result for your organization is a healthy portfolio plus the necessary growth culture where the innovations and product development initiatives can continuously develop and mutually reinforce each other. An optimized and manageable portfolio. Bring in the elephants support the process by intensively working with a team of inspired and accountable managers from an organisation that wants to break away. Break away from a culture of ‘me too’ and competitive herd.

What if… your organization would have a thriving ecosystem of innovations? What if… you and your management team would go on a scenario journey? What if… this could be the most important decision you take this year?